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3 Ways To Stop Dog Barking That May Surprise You


I hate to give away my secrets, but these techniques really do work when you give them a little time.  Dogs aren’t mind readers and we certainly can be stubborn, but you just have to be a little more stubborn.  

#1.  Stop Yelling At Me!

When you yell at me for barking it’s like you’re barking right back at me.  And when you do that, I’ve gotten exactly what I want (well, 99% of the time) - and that is your attention.  

And The Winner Is....


OnGuard Handheld Dog Trainer and Safety AlarmHey folks, Kodiak here with an update on our OnGuard 3-In-1 Handheld Trainer giveaway.  The month is now up and we’re ready to announce our winner!

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Do You Have One of the Barkiest Dog Breeds?

As a dog owner or even as a neighbor of a dog owner, it can be difficult to understand why a dog barks. Little do some know, there is more to barking than just lifestyle, barking has a lot to do with the breed. You’ll notice a theme among these breeds, so think carefully if one of these pups is on your list of must haves.

Here are the Top 5 most vocal dogs


If Patience Wins, Barking Loses

I won't beat around the bush - training dogs can be pretty tough. They aren't always the best listeners and can be downright stubborn at times. Wouldn't you agree?

With that said, it's important to remember that the training period for some dogs might take a little longer than others. Some of our customers have seen results within a day or two, while other cases have taken a few weeks.

If dealing with a really persistent barker, please be patient. The Dog Silencer Pro™ will keep reminding the yapping dog that the irritating noise goes away when his bark does.

Solid Barriers Are Ultrasound's Kryptonite

Ultrasonic sound frequencies are like waves of water... any solid obstruction will cause them to be deflected or deaden. For this reason, it's important the Dog Silencer Pro™ be placed in clear line of sight of the barking dogs.

Objects like trees, fences, glass windows and walls will block the ultrasonic sound from ever reaching their target. When setting the unit up, make sure no barriers are between the Dog Silencer Pro™ and the barking dogs.

No Need for Sensory Overload

Hey, I totally understand. You're sick of the barking and want it to stop fast. First instinct, turn the sensor dial up and see what the Dog Silencer Pro™ can do, right? Well, although this might seem like the quickest way to get results it's actually a common mistake.

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