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Do You Have One of the Barkiest Dog Breeds?

As a dog owner or even as a neighbor of a dog owner, it can be difficult to understand why a dog barks. Little do some know, there is more to barking than just lifestyle, barking has a lot to do with the breed. You’ll notice a theme among these breeds, so think carefully if one of these pups is on your list of must haves.

Here are the Top 5 most vocal dogs


BeagleBeagles are wonderful companion dogs and one of the most intelligent and even-tempered breeds. But they do have a yappy side. Beagles were historically bred to hunt rabbit and other small game in large groups. They would bark frequently to scare out prey, alert their owners, and communicate with each other. This instinct carried over to dogs who have never hunted a day in their lives. If you have your heart set on a Beagle but would rather not have the barking, start training early. This behavior can typically be curbed if Beagles are trained from a young age.

Wire Fox Terrier

The Wire Fox Terrier is a very high energy breed that needs a lot of attention. Its solid, sturdy body requires a lot exercise. It’s always looking for stimulation and among being one of the barkiest dogs out there, it is also the most likely to chase after things, including cars, joggers, and other dogs. Again, historically bred as a hunting dog, Wire Fox Terriers are very intelligent. If you want to eventually get one, or already have, make sure to give your pup sufficient play time to burn off some of that pent up excitement.

West Highland White Terrier

One of the most loyal breeds around. The Westie is known to play favorites and really latch on to its owner. Take careful consideration if you have young children, as the Westie is prone to aggressive behavior if rough handled, but overall is a very loving dog if given the right amount of space. Like most dogs on this list, the Westie has a strong hunting instinct and loves to bark at small animals like squirrels and cats, as well as strange people. Though stubborn, with the right amount of training and exercise, the barking can be curbed.

Miniature Schnauzer

The Miniature Schnauzer was historically bred in Germany to be a guard dog for farmers. They have a strong territorial instinct and love to let their owners know about intruders with their loud, sharp barks. Also having a strong prey drive, Miniature Schnauzers are known to bark and chase small animals, especially when not given enough exercise. Walks and play time are very important. This breed is also a well-known boredom barker who hates to be chained up for long periods of time.


Poodles are high energy, highly inquisitive, and grow bored easily. They need lots of playtime and attention to keep them from barking out of boredom and anxiety. Like schnauzers, poodles make great guard dogs and will bark at strangers, but are also one of the most obedient and easily trained breeds. If you’re not just into poodles for the showbiz scene, make sure you and your poodle get ample exercise. Oh, and poodles love to chase tennis balls. 

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