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How To Help Your Itchy, Sneezy Dog


Think it’s just you sneezing?

Nope. Dogs have allergies too! They’re just like us: they can inhale, ingest or have skin allergies. The most common allergens are grass, trees, cigarette smoke, perfumes, foods and fleas. How do you know if your dogs’ allergic to something?

Watch for these common symptoms:

The Dangers of Foxtails


When you’re out with your dogs, it’s always a good idea to check their bodies for foxtails. This barbed, grassy weed can burrow into your dog’s skin and can become very dangerous. Foxtails are relentless; they can cause swelling, discharge, abscesses, pain and, in severe cases, death.

Here are common places and symptoms of foxtails:

This List Will Help Your Pet In An Emergency


Worry and stress can rule us when a natural disaster or other emergency happens. Relieve some of this by making sure your pets, and not only you and your human family, have everything they need. Be prepared for an unexpected emergency. Here are the basics, but pets are individuals, so add whatever else that is not listed to your “in case of emergency” storage that they require.

DIY First Aid Kit for Your Dog


We’re in the midst of Pet Preparedness Month. Are you ready for dealing with the unexpected? Emergencies like natural disasters can catch us off guard, but having the right supplies and tools can drastically change how you deal with it. First things first, you want to have a first aid kit stocked and at the ready.

How To Deal with Your Dog's Thunderstorm Anxiety - Quick Guide


Flashing lights. Booming cracks. Thunderstorms terrorizing your furry loved one?

Dogs have that fight-or-flight instinct like we do. They hear a loud, scary sound and some may react without a thought. Sadly, they don’t always make the right decision. Instead of hiding away temporarily like a cat, dogs try to escape and get as far away from the scariness. That doesn’t bode well for them or you!