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Solid Barriers Are Ultrasound's Kryptonite

Ultrasonic sound frequencies are like waves of water... any solid obstruction will cause them to be deflected or deaden. For this reason, it's important the Dog Silencer Pro™ be placed in clear line of sight of the barking dogs.

Objects like trees, fences, glass windows and walls will block the ultrasonic sound from ever reaching their target. When setting the unit up, make sure no barriers are between the Dog Silencer Pro™ and the barking dogs.

A tip from our bark control experts: If you can do so safely, mount the Dog Silencer Pro™ under a house soffit or eave. Having the unit mounted higher and pointed slightly downward will allow the ultrasound to pass over a lot of common barriers.

This is also a great way to keep the device protected during rough weather conditions and less visible to your neighbors if targeting their dogs... It's ok, your secret is safe with me.

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