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Why It's Time to Get Real with Your Dog


Be real – with your training expectations.

Successful dog training doesn’t happen overnight. It will take time, consistency, and patience. If you think big and expect big, you may be disappointed and give up. That won't get you what you want and could put a strain on your relationship with your dog. Ask yourself these questions:

How To Deal with Your Dog's Thunderstorm Anxiety - Quick Guide


Flashing lights. Booming cracks. Thunderstorms terrorizing your furry loved one?

Dogs have that fight-or-flight instinct like we do. They hear a loud, scary sound and some may react without a thought. Sadly, they don’t always make the right decision. Instead of hiding away temporarily like a cat, dogs try to escape and get as far away from the scariness. That doesn’t bode well for them or you!

Dogs On The Furniture: Yes Or No?

With my first puppy as an adult, I allowed him to share the couch with me. It was a mistake – A big one. Mostly because he grew into a very big boy; a yellow lab, who was close to 100lbs.

You can only imagine the battles. I was only 22 with a small IKEA couch. Hardly room for me, let alone trying to share with a big dog that would stretch out contently. Cute, yes. Annoying, yes, that as well.