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Dock Dogs


Dogs are bred for so many different reasons: height, hair, etc.… all based on what their owners favor, making them the most anthropomorphized animal on the planet.  Given the sheer breadth of diversity that exists within this canine family it is so refreshing to hear about a sport that any dog can do, and they have a ton of fun doing it.

DIY First Aid Kit for Your Dog


We’re in the midst of Pet Preparedness Month. Are you ready for dealing with the unexpected? Emergencies like natural disasters can catch us off guard, but having the right supplies and tools can drastically change how you deal with it. First things first, you want to have a first aid kit stocked and at the ready.

Why It's Time to Get Real with Your Dog


Be real – with your training expectations.

Successful dog training doesn’t happen overnight. It will take time, consistency, and patience. If you think big and expect big, you may be disappointed and give up. That won't get you what you want and could put a strain on your relationship with your dog. Ask yourself these questions:

Interesting Breed Spotlight: Carolina Dog


The Carolina Dog is a relatively new discovery. Resembling a dingo, the Carolina dog was a landrace type of dog discovered in the Southeast of the United States in the 1970’s. Landrace refers to a plant or animal that developed naturally over time, in isolation from other types of the same species, and then was domesticated.