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Aromatherapy . . . For Dogs?


Aromatherapy is the use of plant materials and oils for mood alteration, overall psychological or physical well-being, and an alternative to modern medicine. While sometimes controversial for use as medicine, there is evidence that it can improve well-being and alter moods. So, what about its uses with our furry friends?

You Ask, We Answer: What Works for a Puppy Barking When I Leave?


Q: "Just bought a 7lbs Maltese puppy. She cannot wear a dog collar because she works her lower jaw into it and it becomes a harness holding her mouth open. I cannot leave the condo if there is a collar on her – an obedience or barking collar. My neighbors are beginning to complain and I hate to irritate them. But I need to have a dog to live with.”

We Test Shock Collars On Ourselves - See The Results Now!

Good Life tested shock collars to learn the truth. Only two of our team was willing. The video features Zeck, who works in Customer Service and Outside Sales. Ryan, our Customer Service Manager, also tested it out. Unfortunately, I am horrible at recording on my cell phone – don’t even ask! - so we only have Zeck’s video to show you.